Q. How is IndiaEarn able to offer cashback? is there any catch?

A.     For every online transaction or purchase that is made through IndiaEarn site links, we are paid a
     commission from our online shopping partner site. For this referral, the online merchant pays us the
     commission. upon receipt of the commission; we simply share the commission with you. There is no catch here and everyone wins!

O. Do l have to be a member of IndiaEarn to earn cashback and why?
A.     No. For now, in order to earn cashback, you have no need to be a member with IndiaEarn.The membership facilityis under consideration. Stay tuned for further update.

O. Why is there no cashback posted in My Account even after doing online transaction through indiaearn.wordpress.com or myrupee.tk?

A.     Cashback usually takes 1-4 days to show up in your IndiaEarn account. Some of our online merchants take as long as 30 days (after the shipping date) to notify us your order. lf even afier 4 days. your cashback is not posted in your account. please let us know after your order is successfully placed.

Q. What is the difference between Pending and Approved cashback?

A.     Cashback for your qualified online shopping transaction or purchase is initially posted to your account as
     Pending when it is first recorded. Cashback usually remains Pending for 30 days but could remain for up to
     91 or even 121 days with certain online merchants. Because there are different online shopping sites‘ with policies on returns and cancellations. Once the cashback is Available, you may request your cashback

Q. ls there any minimum cashback amount that I should accrue to request get cashback?

A.     There is a minimum payment threshold! You may request your payment for any amount of Approved cashback posted in your account after reaching the amount of Rs. 30 and your cashback amount will be directly transferred to your bank
     Account through NEFT

O. Why my account is displaying incorrect cashback amount?

A.     Initially your order may get recorded for a lower CashE5ack amount but later shall be corrected to promised Cashback amount once validated by the merchant.

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